Prayer Mountain


The Moravian Falls House of Prayer is open to the public from sunrise to sunset year round for personal times of communing with the Lord.  An area at the top of Prayer Mountain has been created for your use while you are here.  Please refer to the guidelines at the link below before planning your time here.  You may also want to print out the complete list of GUIDELINES FOR PRAYER MOUNTAIN to bring along. 





Prayer Mountain is located in a residential community with several privately owned homes along the access road; therefore, the road to Prayer Mountain may only be used from sunrise to sunset.

Prayer Mountain may be accessed from Price Road by turning right onto Morning Light Drive.  Follow the signs directing you to the top of the mountain.  When you get to North Star Drive, please turn right.  Otherwise you will be  entering a private driveway in which there is no turnaround.   


There are steep ravines on either side of the mountain roads which are very dangerous in icy conditions.  For your safety, we do not recommend that you attempt to travel here in adverse weather conditions and can not be responsible for your safety.


To Help In your Planning

The top of the mountain has been set up for your comfort in prayer. There are stackable, light-weight chairs that may be arranged as you would like while you are there. Please place them back in their original places when you leave. Off the deck are heavier green Adirondack chairs, footrests, and tables. These are not to be moved from their locations.  We have no water supply or electricity at the prayer deck. Please be sure to bring your own water bottles,  tissue and insect repellent.  

The mountaintop is about 5-10 degrees cooler than the surrounding area. The weather can shift dramatically during the course of one day. The prayer deck is positioned in a wooded clearing and the trees provide shelter from the sun, but there is no shelter from rain. Keep this in mind as you prepare to come.

Please be aware that there are no toilet facilities on the property.  The private restrooms at the nearby lodges are for their guests only and not open to the public.

Absolutely no camping, campfires, or overnight stays are allowed on the mountain.  There are lodges and cabins available for rent as well as several hotels in the area. A quick online search should lead you to one that is appropriate for your needs.

Thank you for helping us to maintain the area for others.